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Alec & Scarlett


AlecPhantom by Dani Healy; character art by Jennie Lyne Hiott
Ages 17+ for adult related themes/brief sensual content
~ 187 pages ~
Paperback: $9.95 ~ Kindle: $2.99
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Thank you so much!
AlecPhantom saying by Dani Healy

Some secrets are meant to tear us apart, but what if one could bring us closer together?

In the early spring of 1998, Scarlett Mitchel fell for a guy she met online. A guy whose face she has never seen, but whose voice melts her heart. She just can’t understand why he doesn’t want to meet face to face.

That’s because Alec Cavanaugh has a secret. One that he refuses to give up so easily…until Scarlett gives him an ultimatum. Either the secret goes, or she does.

Author: Dani Healy; Character art: Jennie Lyne Hiott

Playlist of some songs I listened to while writing AlecPhantom:

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