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Meet John Gerlach...

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"Trapped In Hong Kong" - A murder mystery

"Shorts" - A collection of short stories, ravings, and doggerel verse

"Pass The Salad Dressing" - Living with PTSD

"Aftermath" - Love heals after Vietnam

Meet Jennie Lyne Hiott...

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Follow My Heart

Follow My Heart

"Follow My Heart" (book 1) - Wrestler's romance in a new/unique world.

Game Changer

Game Changer

"Game Changer" (book 2) - Wrestler's romance continued.

Son of a Mobster

Son of a Mobster

"Sweet Son of a Mobster" - Criminal romance

Puzzled Souls

Puzzled Souls

COMING SOON! "Puzzled Souls"

Meet Barry P. Connors...


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Dark Skies - An apocalyptic, time traveling thriller

Pale Grey - A sci-fi noir novel set in a dystopian future