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Sebastian & Avery

The Cursed One

The Cursed One by Dani Healy; artwork by Kate Ford
Ages 15+ for violent/torturous imagery 
~ 317 pages ~
Paperback: $11.95 ~ Kindle: $2.99
The Cursed One by Dani Healy; smoke hand by Kate Ford

Unknowingly, she fell in love with the one thing that terrified her the most...

When Avery Miller met Sebastian Taylor on that cold October night, she was sure that fate had somehow brought them together; but now that his secrets are finally unraveling, she is coming to terms with the fact that their destiny may be darker than she ever imagined.


The truth is, Sebastian has been hiding from the Pure Ones (immortal gods who have had their purity stolen) for nearly a century, fearful of what they might do if they were to discover his location. But now a series of unforeseen circumstances have forced him to choose between the life he wants and the life he was ‘cursed’ to endure forever.

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Author: Dani Healy; Cover artist: Kate Ford

Playlist of some songs I listened to while writing The Cursed One:

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